Posted by: howvoicebegan | 01/01/2012

In the Year of Our Lord

The clock just struck midnight here in Pretoria, South Africa. Coming from the future, I can tell you that this year is going to be a good year!

I’m not usually the type to make New Year’s resolutions, as I would rather enact change right when I’m in the mood instead of storing it up for the next year. However, 2012 is a little different for me. I am very excited for what God has in store for 2012, and I am eager to get a difficult 2011 behind me! I have drafted up 19 “goals” as I call them (rather than resolutions) for 2012. Some are already working their way into play (such as ministry plans here at Charity and Faith), some are one time check-offs (getting a pet cat? Too easy!), and some are new. Therefore, 19 is not as daunting of a number as it sounds.

However, I wanted to share just one with you, as I would love to have others join me in a simple but life-changing resolution. I am going to challenge myself to memorizing one piece of Scripture per week. It is simple, easy to do, doesn’t actually take that much time… but I never do it.

I used to memorize one or more verses per week when I went through Awana. I’m still holding on to about 75% of those verses, and I’ve memorized quite a few since then. But, I know my capacity is far beyond what I have actually been doing, and it’s time to step up to that challenge. If I want to mature and hide God’s word in my heart, rather than thinking, “Oh, I know there’s a verse out there that say something like this,” then I need to get it done.

Here is the tactic I’m using: starting on January 1, each week I will have a new verse or passage posted on the sidebar of the blog at the top. That is the verse I am focusing on for the week. Each day, a simple 5 minutes of concentration (perhaps more if it’s a bit lengthier) will go a long way in committing a single sentence or two to memory. But here’s the catch– I can’t just repeat a verse for a week and move on, never to look at it again. So, as each week goes by, the next verse will simply be added to the previous one. Thus, in week 2, I will be practicing 2 verses- one from the previous week and a new one.

So what do you say? Here’s to a New Year in the Year of Our Lord!


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