Posted by: howvoicebegan | 19/12/2011

Someone Wants Me

Two of our girls are celebrating Christmas this year with a good feeling: being wanted.
They had a hopeless case. Their foster-mother had gotten overwhelmed with the number of children she was fostering, and decided to quit fostering. As a result, the girls ended up in our home with nowhere else to turn to.

As I mentioned before, the holidays can be a painful reminder to children that they are unwanted. These sisters never could go anywhere because they had no known family and the foster-mother had given up on the job. For every school break, we knew that they would be going nowhere.

But then I got a phone call from our social worker, Priscilla, to let me know she was taking the children to their social worker to discuss placement for them. When we arrived, the social worker pulled us into her office.

“The foster mother called,” she said. “She realized she made a big mistake by chasing all the children away, and she wants to foster again. She wants to take these two sisters.”

She wants them. The older sister, who always hides her emotions behind a stoic mask, couldn’t help but form a small smile. Even though it was small, I knew that it meant her joy was so profound that she could no longer pretend to be unaffected by anyone’s words, a coping mechanism she learned to help her keep from feeling rejection again.

The social worker kept saying the same thing: somebody wants these girls. Somebody wants them to be with her from now on. Finally, the girls feel loved and joined in a family.

The new family

The foster-mother and the two girls starting a new family

We went straight from the social worker to the mother’s house; the children knew the way. Though the older one still pretended to not be emotionally moved, she couldn’t hide her little smile.

I was so excited for them, too. The greatest thing in these children’s lives is to have a “happy ending” where someone wants them and only them.

The two girls will still come back to the orphanage after the school break, as the social workers will have to process everything to legally place the girls with the new mother.

When they gave me a hug goodbye, I could feel the excitement in their touch. Finally, to be loved! I have never had parental love revoked from me, but I would imagine that if I knew what it was like to be forgotten, I would feel on top of the world to know that I am no longer forgotten, but now a Forget-me-not.

Praise God for family!


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