Posted by: howvoicebegan | 26/10/2011

Celebrating Koketso: Part 2

I had much still to say to celebrate Koketso, but this morning I was shook up with the news of her death. My previous thoughts are now meaningless in the light of her passing, but someday I will share them.

In all of the deaths I have experienced up to this point, I have never felt a greater peace about someone’s passing than now. Not only am I more spiritually mature than before, which certainly helps, but Koketso’s particular story makes it all the more peaceful of her passing.

Death, where is your sting? Where is your victory? There is no sting for Koketso’s death because of the assurance I have in Christ that she is in heaven. The only time I weep is with happiness that she is healed, she is surrounded by love, and she will no longer suffer or be in pain. I can’t be sad that I have been “left behind.” Her joy is so great that I’m sure, given the chance to come back to earth, she wouldn’t take it. Who would come back after the greatness of heaven? She is relieved of this fallen world! Hallelujah!

Nor do I question, “Why her? Why so young? How is that fair, God?” because I know that those questions are foolishness. To be in the presence of God- why would I want to hold her back from that?  I am so glad that Isaiah 57:1-2 was given to me because it encompasses the peace I have felt since we knew that her life was coming to a close.Why does God take the righteous? Why do bad things happen to good people? Simply put: to be spared from evil. God looked down on Koketso and said, “Koketso, oh my dear Koketso, you have suffered too much. The rejection of your family is unbearable and I can no longer watch you go through this pain. Come home to me, Koketso, so I can show you infinite and unconditional life. You will no longer know evil. It’s time to come home.”

With that in mind, I cannot ask God why he chose her now. He chose her because he loved her. Any other question of mine would be a selfish imposition of keeping her on this suffering earth.

I am happy on this day. Christ has triumphed over death! Hallelujah!

No need to say, “Sorry for you loss.” She is not lost- she is right where she needs to be.

Koketso, May 22, 1996- October 26, 2011



  1. so well said…

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