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This is a break my ordinary posting style for readers to be aware of what is going on in the life of our oldest child in the home, Koketso, age 15. I typically refrain from posting about children’s specific issues to protect their identity and privacy, but I’d like to take a moment to lift out one particular case we have that is beyond the usual needs and prayers in the home.

In 2008, doctors discovered a tumor on Koketso’s brain stem, and she was given a steroid injection as it was swelling. Within a few months, she also suffered a stroke that left her paralyzed on her right side. The doctors told her she would be in a wheel chair for the rest of her life. Without the help of a physiotherapist, she learned how to walk on her own and eventually was even running when I first met her in July 2010. She has also trained herself to write with her left hand, master two languages, and do beautiful bead work with her only working hand. With a few exceptions, such as tying shoes, she was independent in her mobility and functions.


On July 18 of this year, schools reopened and Koketso went to school as usual. She attended classes for the whole week until Friday when she complained of having a headache. The following week she did not attend school at all because she was having such severe headaches and dizziness. I took her to the clinic where they insisted that she must be pregnant, saying that young girls who are dizzy are often pregnant. When they found she wasn’t pregnant, they attributed her dizziness to low blood pressure and told her to eat more salt.

The next day she had an appointment with an occupational therapist, who has been working with her since 2008. She noticed Koketso had gotten much worse since seeing her and thought that the tumor might be growing again. That is when I found out it had never been removed. She booked us for an appointment the following week at the hospital. Meanwhile, Koketso grew worse and worse. She could no longer dress herself, bathe, or walk on her own. She complained about her eyesight failing.

Mama Hilda and I took her to the hospital where we waited all day to hear a report. We heard the worst news about it: the tumor was growing again. It is inoperable, due to its location. It won’t respond to steroids. In short, there is nothing we can do. He described the progression of the tumor as she would slowly use motor function until she stops breathing.

Koketso’s current status is that she is not mobile on her own. What is most concerning is she has now progressed to a state where her eyesight is gone in one eye and is failing in her other eye. This is what the doctor said would be the next stage, and it’s already happening less than a week after our visit with him.

We can pray for a miracle; God can heal even “un-healable”  illnesses. In our power currently is to give her the highest quality of life we can. The other day she asked me to read Luke 4, asking me specifically about the meaning of verses 38-44, “the people brought to Jesus all who had various kinds of sickness, and laying his hands on each one, he healed them.” I said God desires for us to be healthy and whole, just the way he created us in the beginning. But sin has caused our bodies to deteriorate (not at all implying that Koketso is more sinful than others; rather, that our physical bodies manifest the imperfectness that our spiritual bodies also have). I told her that sometimes Jesus’ healing does happen while we are still on this earth. Sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes our final healing happens after death, but it is guaranteed no more pain, suffering, or death.

Please keep Koketso in your prayers. We don’t know if she will be healed on this earth or afterwards. What we can do is give her the highest quality of life possible, offer support to her, and help her through the process of dealing with such a heavy weight.



  1. Koketso is so strong. there couldn’t have been a better time for me to receive this, give thanks.

  2. Hi dear friend,

    I am praying with you for God’s healing for Koketso amd also that His glory would be manifested in both your lives. Love you. It is so obvious God is using you to be His hands and feet.

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