Posted by: howvoicebegan | 26/07/2011

Treasures in Heaven

I am quite aware of all the safety measures we have put in place to protect our stuff. I recently had R2000 (USD$290) withdrawn from a checking account. I had my purse stolen. I back up my laptop in case someone steals it. I drive with my doors locked as an extra safety measure against a snatch-and-grab or having my car hijacked. I even lock my office door when I step outside for a few minutes. I have yet to meet someone here who has never had a case of theft against them.

What is all of this for? After being stolen from multiple times, I’m not afraid of theft. I am being cautious. Of course we should guard our things; it would be foolish to leave our doors open for all to enter and take as they please. It also protects the thief– let us not be stumbling blocks for them by waving our money and fancy possessions around in front of them. Guard your possessions so it is harder for thieves to give into temptation.

One woman at Charity and Faith told me her story of have several thousand rands taken from her account and the bank did nothing but put the blame on her. She never recovered her money. A second woman suggested to put it under the mattress or under the floor tiles, but quickly retorted her own statement, “Of course, someone can break in and take it, or even if they don’t, it will burn up in a fire.”

The truth is, none of our possessions are safe, despite our obsessive backups, security, insurance, or vigilance. Everything on this earth is easily taken or destroyed.

But it cannot be taken from us in the spiritual realm. This is why we are told to store our treasures in heaven, which is the only place where nothing degrades and nothing is stolen. Jesus knew our fears about losing things or having things destroyed and spoke those words of encouragement to us: “Put the most effort and most importance in heaven. If your heart is here on earth instead, you will be disappointed by sin or nature’s effects on your things.”

I felt this in the aftermath of my theft experience. I soon realized that all of those things that I thought were crucial– my phone, my cards, cash, my notebook with important notes– were no big deal. It took nearly losing it all for me to realize that it is really nothing to lose.

This is REAL treasure.

What do I really fear losing, then? I fear losing an orphaned child to the darkness of sin. I fear laziness or apathy stealing my few moments on earth with unfruitful activities that will mean nothing in heaven. Those losses are far greater than my entire house being burned down or my uninsured car being hijacked.

When I store my treasures in heaven, I don’t worry about deterioration or theft. I can be at ease knowing that God takes care of every bird (Matthew 6:26), and certain my situation will not pass unnoticed to God.

Where is your treasure? It’s a certain sign of where you’ve also placed your heart (Matthew 6:21).


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