Posted by: howvoicebegan | 25/06/2011

Random Acts of Kindness

I thought the purpose of my trip home would be catching up and raising funds. I guess God had a bigger picture, as usual.

In my first weekend back at my home church, Northshore Christian Church, Pastor Ken spoke on a subject that all of us are familiar with, whether we’ve been in church or not: do a random act of kindness that no one sees. The purpose is to disallow you to have pride in your actions when there is no way for anyone to know who should get the glory.

I also spoke that weekend during the services; I had an informational meeting following the services. As I was prepping for one, a man approached me and told me of his appreciation of my service in South Africa. He shook my hand, leaving cash in my palm. I thanked him and then continued to shuffle some papers around. When I looked up, he was gone. He didn’t attend the information session. I didn’t know him. In less than 20 minutes after the challenge by the pastor, and act of anonymous kindness was already being fulfilled– and I was the recipient.

I felt pretty good about that, but mostly I felt humbled. Whenever I meet people who are supporting me and have not personally met me, I am deeply humbled that I am on their hearts.

The video I played for my presentation.

Just the day after I had a dentist appointment after a year of absence. Unfortunately some problems had developed over the last year, and the dental hygenist gave me the price quote for the much-needed procedure: $1000. I told her I would talk with my parents, but I already knew it was simply too much for an uninsured person.
When the dentist came to check on the visit, she asked what I was doing lately. Sometimes I find it exhausting to repeatedly answer questions about the orphanage, and given the 1 1/2 hour dental appointment I just had, I answered simply, “Oh, nothing much.” When she asked where I’m working, I knew I had to talk, and we entered a short conversation about the orphanage. The hygenist then explained the recommended procedure to the dentist and that I said I would ask my parents on funding the procedure.

“Oh, we’ll do it at no charge,” she responded. “The work you are doing is so great, there’s no charge.”
I could barely eek out a “Thank you.”  How humbling! My dentist goes to Uganda every year to provide dental care in refugee camps. Her heart is also in Africa.

I delighted in telling my parents that I made two appointments for a $1000 procedure. When they responded, “We can’t afford that,” I retorted back, “Yeah, but I’m doing it anyway… because it’s free.”

My joy in being on the receiving end of an act of kindness is not rooted in monetary gain or gifts. It’s a genuine thrill to see people being impacted to give of themselves. I’ve had multiple people approach me and say, “You don’t know me, but I’ve been praying for you since you left.” I don’t receive donations from them, but prayer support is just as powerful and humbling to be on the receiving end. I feel fortunate to be a vessel to be used for people to grow in their prayer life and their service of the world.

That’s just the start of an amazing visit to the United States. I have been so blessed and rejuvenated, and I still have two weeks left!



  1. He is Faithful Leslie.. always .. He knows our needs and provides for them is ways we can not explain…. to live so fully endwelled in His Spirit is a precous gift, thank you for always sharing His mighty works in and through you!

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