Posted by: howvoicebegan | 08/04/2011

God Answers Prayers

After my previous incident in Mamelodi, I decided to take a 3-day hiatus from the township. I wanted to give it some time to settle. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I spent in Pretoria East.
On Monday I returned to the orphanage, ready to start afresh and move on with life. As I pulled up I saw a group of the children walking to the orphanage. One of them suddenly darted the opposite direction, running as fast as he could to my car.

“LESLIE!” He shouted. He was so excited to see me and had a smile of relief on his face. “You came back!”
“Of course I did!” I said. It hadn’t even occurred to me to not come back.
“I prayed for you!” he continued. “I prayed that you would come back, and you did! I asked God to make you come back and you did.”
He was so excited to share this with me and kept emphasizing his prayer. I recognized it as a teaching moment and was able to get a few comments in about God’s goodness and that he does answer our prayers before the attention span wore off. I know I have to make the most of every opportunity to teach, because this world is a dark place with many opportunities to lead people astray. By encouraging and imparting wisdom, even of the simplicity of prayer, I teach to live wisely so he, too, can make the most of every opportunity (Ephesians 5:16).

He learned a simple—and to him, exciting—lesson about going to God in prayer. But, furthermore, God answered my prayer, too. Since coming to South Africa, it’s been on my heart to train these children in the way of the Lord (Proverbs 22:6) and I pray for opportunities to teach them something, anything at all. It can often feel like a losing battle with so many forces out there trying to pull children away from what is right. Despite the discouragement and loss of faith at times, I continue to pray for opportunities. And, right here, it was presented to me. The best part about it is the positive nature of the teaching; typically, the teaching is in the form of discipline or explaining what they did was wrong. This time I got to celebrate in joy with him over two answered prayers!

We both heard from God

God used both of us to answer our prayers. Sometimes, I have found, that is how he works. Sometimes we are the ones who show the timidly faithful that God does listen to them and he does care.  This is why we must be obedient to him. This is why we must faithfully follow his calling for our life and why we cannot let discouragement, a tactic of Satan, get in the way and stop us from serving God. I could have said, “No, thank you,” to Mamelodi after what happened, but instead I got back into my car and back into the community. And because I did, in his providence, he said to both of us, “I listen to my children, for I AM Provider.”



  1. Hey Lez… its good to hear that God has been faithfull. what happened acctualy? i feel sad to hear that there has been an incident and i don’t know about.

    Be blessed

  2. What a great experience for both of you. You have become such a presence in the lives of these kids. As Mama Hilda said you are a “big sister” to them.
    You showed them that you have faith in them as children of the community. To not let “one bad apple spoil the bunch” as the saying goes.
    The next important lesson for the kids to see is forgiveness for the people who meant to harm you. To see you not angry at the people but instead putting it behind you is something that will also have an impact on them.
    You have experienced a “payback” moment for your faithfulness. Congratulations!

  3. I thank the Lord for your faithfullness Leslie, God is really using you and it is a blessing to see. You also express your thoughts and feelings so beautifully.

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