Posted by: howvoicebegan | 05/01/2011

Work by Faith, Labor of Love

To open the New Year, Pastor Titus said this weekend in church, “If Charity and Faith disappeared, Mamelodi would miss it. There are churches that, if they were gone today, nobody would notice.”

Let us strive to be people and churches whom the communities need.

This month I’ve witnessed many heartbreaking stories coming out of Mamelodi. But our team of committed Christ and people lovers renews my spirit; it gives me hope. To hear a child tell me their terrible life story and then have the chance to show some love and see them laugh and smile– it is cleansing from all the darkness surrounding some of the lives here. To go on a home visit and care for a person who hasn’t been cared for in a few weeks– there is hope in the work that is done.

We have a team from the hospice who tirelessly go into the homes of Mamelodi every day to care for patients in their homes. Sometimes they don’t have transportation to go on the visits and it is an honor to offer myself and my car and their coach and carriage. Every day they give their love and support to people scattered throughout the township of one million people.

George (Sir Makhubele to the learners at the school) shows up even when the school is closed. He has been especially instrumental this week in serving some fellow Americans so that they can, in turn, serve the school. One of them remarked to George, “What are you doing here? It’s New Year’s Day– you should be on break!” George just smiled; after all, he had service to carry out.

The house mothers at the orphanage are tireless angels and genuine mothers at heart. The three of them work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week– the most dedication to a job you can have. They recognize their job is made 100% out of love and sacrifice their own family life, holidays, and events in order to care for children who aren’t even their own. That is commitment.

And finally when the year ends and the house mothers must have some time to renew, selfless church members step in to house the children from the orphanage who have nowhere to go. The kids feel specially loved and the mothers get a much-needed break.

The love that is poured into the community from the church is something that we find commended in the church of Thessalonica: “We continually remember before our God and Father your work produced by faith, your labor prompted by love, and your endurance inspired by hope in our Lord Jesus Christ.  (1 Thessalonians 1:3)” Surely, this is the work that will not perish in the fire; it is the crown that will not rust. It is an inspiration to keep pursuing in faith and love. It shows our work is not 9-5, Monday through Friday, but a continuous labor of love poured out whenever we can.

The feet of Jesus have traveled far in this community and his hands have touched many lives. If Charity and Faith disappeared, Mamelodi would indeed miss it.

Would your community miss you? Let’s live in a way that blesses many.



  1. I am a member of Crossroads Church in Cincinnati, Oh. We have had a long standing partnership with Charity for several years. Please tell the people of mamelodi and Charity and Faith, that our church didn’t leave them. The leaders of Charity and Faith and the leaders of Crossroads have decided the partnership will not continue. While i personally feel devastated I only hope that you and others like you will continue to provide love and gods message to everyone. We’re all still struggling with this here in Cincinnati and I know our friends there must feel abandoned. We didn’t leave them! May GOD keep you and everyone in Mamelodi in his hands. GOD bless

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