Posted by: howvoicebegan | 12/09/2010

Endless Purposes

Growing up with an older brother meant that he and I fought  a lot, and quite bitterly sometimes, too. I remember the fights that would end in physical aggression or just yelling at each other. Sometimes I poured down curses upon him that I assume God only chuckled at since they never happened. I distinctly remember thinking at times, “I wish he never existed!”
It was only a couple of years ago that I found out that if I had my wish of Ken never existing, then neither would I.

When I was 3 years old, my family went to a friend’s house, and they had a swimming pool. I must have thought the tarp covering the pool was solid ground, and I was soon underwater and unable to swim.

Ken says he did not see me go in and likely didn’t even hear me, but he felt something inside of him telling him to go look in the swimming pool. He lifted up the tarp, exactly where I was, and saw my scared face. He pulled me out of the water and took me to our parents, who were indeed horrified at such an unnoticed slip.

My brother saved my life; if he had not existed, I wouldn’t be here either. God knows what he is doing; granted, Ken has much more purpose than pulling me out of the water, but to know that God has a purpose down to the details of the day is beyond me.

Kids excited to jump into the pool

This once again became a reality to me just the other week. I had the kids from the orphanage come over to my place for a Saturday. My apartment complex has a swimming pool and they were extremely excited to go swimming. However, only 3 of the 18 actually know how to swim.

These things happen so quickly. One moment I watched the kids having fun in the pool, and the next moment one of them was diving in, grabbed one of the girls, and swam toward the edge of the pool with her. Even before he pushed over the edge it was obvious she was not conscious. My CPR training ran through my head, but since she was breathing steadily I had no purpose for CPR at that moment. She woke up briefly and went back out; this happened several times. I had one hand ready to dial 112 (the emergency number here) and the rest of me ready to spring to action.

She recovered just fine, and to my surprise even went back into the water– this time with Ken trying to give her basic swimming lessons.
But if it hadn’t been for the 14-year-old, she would have drowned. I have no doubt about that, and it chills me to think of how quickly life can slip from us– especially under my watch and for someone I care for.

God designs with purpose, through and through; he promises plans–plural, indicating many– for us (Jeremiah 29:11). We do not have one simple purpose of helping out at a particular orphanage or building a certain building, or even of being a teacher or being a servant. We have multiple purposes beyond the scope of our skills, passions, and gifts. No, it’s not just a greater, general purpose, but rather God has a specific purpose for each day of our lives. Do not squelch the day’s opportunity to fulfill your temporary (yet everlasting) purpose.

In the hands of God, serendipity becomes design.


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