Posted by: howvoicebegan | 24/08/2010

Give Thanks in All Things

This past week I have spent consumed with one 7-year-old girl who broke here arm. In many ways it’s a typical break, but in other ways it isn’t typical. For one, the break occurred at the end of the humerus, just above the elbow. This ended up causing nerve damage and left her unable to move her hand or her fingers. Furthermore, the break was atypical because of the condition of the hospital at the time: the workers were on strike, delaying attentive care.

However, it was atypical in another way: it was an experience I was thankful for.  At first it sounds a little cruel perhaps, but since we are to “give thanks in all things,” this is what I chose to do (1 Thessalonians 5:18).
I spent as many of the visiting hours as I could with my friend, talking to her, taking pictures, painting her toenails, bringing dinner, or whatever else. When I first got there, she was dazed and shocked, but when Mama Hilda told her I was there, she was alert and her face brightened. By the end of her stay, she had her usual life to her, yet she still brightened up when I came to visit.

In the hospital

This is what I am thankful for: that she broke her right arm, and she is left-handed. Mostly, though, I am thankful for the opportunity to love, the growth in compassion, and the chance to serve. While here in South Africa, it is my prayer that I develop a deep compassion for people as Christ has compassion for all. When I saw the difference that my visits made to her, it renewed my knowledge of the goodness of compassion into something real–something I had immediate feedback about. What I did was so small in the scale of the world’s vast reaches of opportunities, yet in the scope of a child’s lifespan it was meaningful. To show an orphan that she is still loved, valued, cared for, and worthy of my time– what could I have done better with that time?

May I never take a break from showing compassion. May I always remember the joy in her face when she saw me. May I remember that many more individuals will be placed in my life, with more opportunities to love and serve.



  1. […] before I visited the States in June this year, Refilwe thanked me in front of everyone for visiting her in the hospital when her arm was broken.  Hilda and I showed up faithfully every day to comfort her. I knew that […]

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