Posted by: howvoicebegan | 17/08/2010

Just What I Need

You know, God always has a way of supplying just what it is that we need. Most of the time we think of this as providing for us with tangible gifts, but over the last week or two it has been spiritual and emotional uplifting where God has provided what I need.

Nearly every message I have heard has been what I need to hear. Many times I hear something that I can certainly apply to my life, but I have had many questions and challenges answered by the word that God has given others to share, which was exactly what I needed.
I have a small example of how God has given me encouragement where I wasn’t expecting it: You see, before I left for South Africa, in an effort to raise money, I signed up to do a hair show. I loved the hair cut, but given that it had a $350 value to it, I couldn’t maintain it. So, I went to the salon and told them my scenario, and I ended up with an entirely new look that was low maintenance and could just grow out– which is what I wanted.

Aweseme hair show-styled hair

The hair cut I ended up with, leaving no trace of previous styling

So yeah, it was a big difference. And truthfully, ever since I’ve had it cut like this, I’ve been extremely self-conscious of my appearance. I don’t really care for it, but it’s what I ended up with. I feel like I’m not myself in it and worst of all (for a female) I feel unattractive.

I was thinking about it yesterday– about how I just feel awful and want my old hair style back– when I walked by Priscilla’s office, who is the social worker on campus. She stopped her conversation and said, “Leslie, I just love your hair cut! The colors, the cut, it’s so very beautiful.” It made me smile; I was glad someone appreciated it.
Then as I walked to Pastor Titus’ office I passed by a group of girls on break from school. They waved and said hi, and then one girl approached me and said, “You are so beautiful!”

It’s small and insignificant, but God even cares about those little things that mean something to us. With a boost to my confidence, I went to the prayer meeting that evening to hear yet another message God had prepared especially for me.
When I listen, he answers my deepest concerns that no one else has heard about. He just uses others to deliver his message he prepared just for me.



  1. Leslie,

    It is my greatest joy to read about His fiathfulness in your journey. The thing is I covet the eyes you have to see the Hand of our faithful and loving Lord at worki n your midst and the expection He has gifted you with to place your hope in. We are so fraile in all we do, but isen’t it great that He is strongest when we present ourselves in this way to Him! Hair is important, I am one who has to have right or my whole personality changes, again fraile.. but my hope is also found squaely in His grace. I continue to pray for those eyes of yours to be ever sharpened and your ability to hear His voice to be ever clear. Blessings to you my precious sister. In Him, Tammy

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