Posted by: howvoicebegan | 13/07/2010

God Watches Over Me

Each day I am reminded that I am not the one who is controlling my situations and getting things done, but rather it is God. I owe all credit to him.

Just getting settled here has been a challenge that only God could oversee. I had minor challenges that were easily overcome, but others that seemed too difficult to work out. This weekend I spent running around, trying to pull together my housing situation as kids are moving back into the orphanage and would need the space Ken and I were taking up. To pay for my housing, I had to have a bank account. But, to get a bank account, I had to have proof of residence. Though this was easily handled through formal letters and the electricity bill of Charity and Faith, it was costly in time. When we brought all we had to the bank, they did not want to accept the visa that I have. I prayed through the whole process until finally we found someone who overlooked the scrutiny that the other banks sent me through and set up the account. Once that was established I went back to the rental place to sign the agreement and was told there was one problem after another- no electricity (and the electricians wouldn’t be working for another 2 days), the rental dates were wrong, and it went on and on. They tried calling the owner and had a wrong number. It appeared that everything was falling apart and I would have further delay of getting in, but then suddenly the doors opened– we had a solution to the rental date and I could turn on the electricity without the electricians. After a day of hearing “We can’t do that,” and, “We have a problem here” and other road blocks, everything was cleared up and I moved in a few hours later. Only God could have moved in so many angles and directions!

While some are astonished that, in all my time I have spent here, I have never encountered unfortunate circumstances, I find it hardly surprising because I know Who is watching over me. His eye is even on the sparrow; how much more so on me! (Matthew 10:29-31) Each day presents its challenges and each day they are tossed aside and overcome. Impasses become cleared roads under His will; these are every day lessons on faith and trusting in God’s powers rather than my own.

I already know of challenges ahead of me, but I face them without fear with God on my side. He is my refuge and I am without fear or worry when I stand firm in my Fortress.



  1. U r such an amzing person with an extraordinary heart. everytime i read ur experiences how u jst r word based and God trusting im encouraged .

    U r indeed an insparation, a role model to me. IN u i see a young woman who chooses to be selfless with their time , a young woman who chooses to go where GOD says lets go en U jst Trust . I love tht the presence of GOD , His love for u en His work in u is such a reality.

    GOD bless u ma friend.

  2. Leslie,

    I am glad to know things are moving in the right direction and am encouraged as I hope you are that you are on the right path otherwise why would our enemy be bothering with thwarting your path. Continue in faith that He is always and forever in control and will deliver as He already has over and above anything we can pray for! Praying for you! Love and hope in Jesus,


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