Posted by: howvoicebegan | 26/05/2010

If Only We Spoke the Same Language!

Does this look like a face that understands English?

Countless times in my life I have looked at my dog or my late cat and suffered a broken heart because we can’t understand each other. It was times like taking the cat to the vet; she could only see it in her eyes are something to fear, or perhaps a painful experience. Or, try convincing George that the vacuum won’t hurt him or that people wearing hats are not bad guys. I always felt bad leaving my cat when I went on vacation, fearing that she might think I abandoned her because I had no way to tell her I’m coming back. Maybe the worst is stepping on a paw, and your dog thinks it did something bad and that was their punishment; they roll over and you try to explain in a cooing voice that it wasn’t because they were bad. I think every pet owner can sympathize; we all wish we could explain to our animals in plain English (or whatever your native tongue) why things are happening the way they are and that we mean them solely for their own good, never to harm them.

But, today I finally learned a lesson out of it. George was doing his attention routine: grabbing things like gloves, slippers, bags, and a coat hanger and running around the house with it, daring you with direct eye contact to come chase him. I didn’t care to chase him, so I tried to call him over to me, enticing him with scratches (he does know that word). I thought, “If only he could know that he’ll get my attention by just being a nice dog and coming over here, and I’ll pet him! He doesn’t have to behave poorly.”
It struck me as the same type of disconnect humans have with God. Sometimes he “steps on our paw” and we think we’re being punished for something bad. Sometimes he “takes us to the vet” and we don’t understand why he makes us go through the pain. But, he knows why; and, we may never know, just as George never knows that the icky medicine is actually what is making him feel better.

God is saying, “If only they knew they just needed to draw near to me, and I’ll scratch their tail.”


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