Posted by: howvoicebegan | 20/05/2010

“Doing Your Part”

Beyond "Doing My Part"

I like that Facebook allows us to reconnect with friends we haven’t seen in ages or to keep updated on friends we do see so that we can know exactly what’s going on in their lives (Some recent friend updates: “What does it say about my neighborhood that the laundromat plays Jerry Springer all day?” or “What made me jump right out of bed this morning: ‘Mom, what kind of spider has a HUGE body with short legs? Oh no, he just ran under your bedroom door…'”).

So, a few months ago while I was in South Africa for my 3 month stay, an old friend contacted me and started chatting with me. I explained what I was doing in South Africa at the orphanage. Their response was, “I see. Doing your part, eh?”
It struck me as a common world view that I have seen many people have. There seems to be two distinct parts of a person’s life in this world view: “Doing it for me” and “Doing my part.” As long as you do your one month volunteering, or build a house for Habitat for Humanity, or cook for the homeless a few times, you have qualified to check off that box of “doing your part” in the world and are free to move on to continue to do everything that is all about you.

I knew it was just to keep conversation flowing, but it stuck with me. I’m not interested in “doing my part.” To me, it is a full time commitment. I’m not out to spend a few short months in an orphanage so that I can feel good about myself and feel like I did something for the world. I pledged, as a Christian, to deny myself and take up my cross daily (Luke 9:23-24). Jesus’ way isn’t just doing your part, but rather doing your part on a daily basis.

My life isn’t about categorizing “my time” and “orphan time.” These are not mutually exclusive but mutually INclusive- at least until assigned by God to serve in a different capacity.



  1. Hey Leslie, I loved this. I can totally identify. Once we really capture God’s vision, we are COMPELLED to do what He directs us to do. We can’t not do it. Doing ‘our part’ seems so self-serving. Faith without works is dead. And our works arise out of our faith. Your family is on my prayer list.

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